Wednesday, March 11, 2009

First contact: is anybody listening?

Okay, is this thing on? Testing... 1, 2...

Hi, folks! Welcome to my blog. This one's about music, more specifically about my own music and how I go about making it.

I'm a songsmith and my workshop is my little home studio. Trying to be a composer, lyricist, arranger, producer, performing artist, and audio engineer all in one package is not an easy task, but I do my best. 

I take much pride in my music. Some of my songs are fun and witty, while others are more emotive. You might hear electric guitars here; perhaps there you might find a piano and a clarinet. 

Read my lyrics and you will quickly realize that I approach my work as a storyteller. Not everything is about me! In fact, a lot of it might really be about you or someone you know. And that's the beauty of music as an art form: it takes us places we've never been to; it makes us laugh or cry; it connects with us on different levels. 

I hope you enjoy the music of Bob Arroway. And, by all means, subscribe and drop me a line! ;-) 

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