Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Harmonic musings over C and F#

My fellow blogger Pete Whitfield from RealStrings made a wonderful short video showing how enharmonic chords may be constructed over C and F# using the exact same accidentals. This is indeed a beautiful fact about musical harmony.

Now I don't know much about harmony, but you have to admire this:

  1. You take two chords that make up a very dissonant chord progression (a I and a sharp IV);
  2. Then you modify both the same way (in this case, add a 7th and a flat 5th);
  3. Finally, you take an inversion of the second chord (7th becomes the root) and, voila, you have an enharmonic of the first chord (both sound the same)!

Enough talk though (err, writing)! Let's watch the video that makes it all more interesting.


  1. Thanks Bob, I just think video is a great way to communicate. Note to self - videos need more comedy in them!

  2. Pete, I think you're doing a great job already. I wish "I" could sound as professional. And I was wondering what workflow you used to create the video. My guess is that you used Logic, captured the video only with something like Snapz Pro, then from there to Final Cut, added voice over, and exported? Let me know; I'm all too inexperienced with this stuff. Take care.

  3. Ah - you nearly nailed the process Bob! The notation is done in Overture (old, obscure, but good for this kind of thing) screen capture with snapz pro, then import that into iMovie and add a voice over (and a little editing where any bits of video are too long). One day I'm going to treat myself to Final Cut!